And the time came when to risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom ~ Anais Nin

Create Your Legacy

A Photograph is a way of capturing life’s moments and seasons. It is a visual moment of acknowledging who we are and why we are living this life on earth. A life to be celebrated!

Susan Greeff Photographer

It is my honour and pleasure to help you celebrate your life with images to treasure and pass on from generation to generation, to gift to someone special in your life or to saver for your eyes only.

Whatever your reason for capturing your self or special moments with family and friends, let’s make lasting memories:

  • Awaken Your Awesomeness with a BOUDOIR shoot
  • A COUPLES & ENGAGEMENT shoot with your Beloved
  • Your Portrait Portfolio for a modelling agency
  • A Fun FAMILY shoot
  • Capture the Moments of a Special EVENT
  • Create a PORTFOLIO for social media and marketing
  • Capture a PhotoJournalistic Documentary/Story
  • Lifestyle shoot at your beautiful home, garden or favourite place
  • Environmental Portraits, ie. at your workplace

To book a Photography Shoot, call us +27 836440490 or use the form below.

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Susan Greeff Photographer

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